Why Should You Never Nudge Slots?

(This is an opinion-based article).

Nudging slots is nothing new. Professional gamblers have ways of memorizing games, whether it’s card sequences, similarly with slots, they can sometimes be predicted. But the software creators know this and put anti-cheating measures in place. It may work a few times for you, but eventually, you will end up being the loser. The slot symbols will slide off, and all you will discover is loss.

The second reason is you might miss a really big win. So, if you think you are not getting anywhere fast, hold your patience, or select a different coin size/bet, or a different slot game.

Today I was playing Book Of Rewards. I got a TOP SYMBOL in the bonus (safe), I clicked, and missed 5 symbol landing. I was so upset with myself. It can be too easy to get into the habit of clicking or nudging on slots. So, I thought I would remind everyone to avoid nudging slots. And you might be the next big winner!

What Are The Chances Of Winning On Slots?

I am not a mathematician. I just speak the truth and from experience when I say, you can win and lose as much as you put on. Bigger wins are far and few between. An example would be that before it seemed rather easy to win on slots. But now it does seem harder. But compared to the lottery, it is easier to win a few grand.

Let’s say the casino pays out 96% And the game pays out 95%. Recently you won and now it is becoming more difficult to win. Then the answer would be to play a different game or bet. And the rational option would be to try playing a new casino if you are not feeling satisfied. Or cool off.

I think that the slots software and security have been tightened during recent years, as casinos dislike their bonus offers being abused. And some of the customers had found various ways to cheat the casino jackpots. Now it is stricter and winning big at the casino is less frequent.

Now you have to prove at some casinos if you won anything big and make a special request to collect your funds. You should always take a screenshot or write down the time & date. Also, look in your history/bets.

To work out your odds of winning, you could calculate the number of bets placed and you can also ask the casino to give you a report on your history RTP return to player average, over time, or just for that year.

But when it comes to BIG WINS, you shouldn’t expect those every time you play/every day, as the chances of winning are few to none. With more people playing, stricter security measures, and more jackpot shares. the industry has changed. So always play in moderation, play what you can afford to lose, and withdraw winnings!

Your overall chance of winning might increase if you change your games and bets. In theory, the more games or the variety, the more chance of winning. For example, playing different types of lottery. And using different methods might increase the likelihood (marginally). But aside from the Volatility rating and the return to player average, who can really say?

Some players have good days, weeks, or months, others have dry spells that last for just as long. And then a cooling-off period is recommended.

Close Wins & Near Misses

Close wins and near misses will always draw you into the illusion that you almost won big time. And you need to be aware of that, and not get too greedy when you play online casino games. Your ego/brain can trick you! Usually, when we win it is so random and out of the blue, like a lightning bolt. No amount of obsessive playing will get you those wins. So do relax, and take a break. Don’t be too serious when you’re playing at casinos.

DO remember to take your time and enjoy your betting/gaming as entertainment and leisure. Not as a way to make money or profit. And by doing so, you may even get lucky.

Always play responsibly, begambleaware.org 18+

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