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online casino tips for playing on slots

Slots Casino Tips For Slots Players 2021

If you want to play slots at an online casino, you should be aware that there is risk involved. You can win or lose money. Here are our top tips for not losing money while you play at online casinos and slots sites. Please bare in mind this is not official or financial advise, we are simply highlighting a few tips for slots players to consider when playing at an online casino.

Players should always play within their means and look at things from a mathematical and logical perspective.”

10 Tips For Online Casinos/Slots Sites

  1. Don’t Bet What You Can’t Afford To Lose
  2. Don’t Become Frustrated With Games
  3. Take Regular Intervals And Refreshments
  4. Play Different Slot Games & Coins
  5. Ensure Your Devise Is Fully Charged
  6. Optimize The Memory Of Your Device
  7. Leave Alcohol Out Of The Equation
  8. Avoid Playing When You’re Angry/Stressed
  9. Never Chase Your Losses Deposits/Bets
  10. Make Use Of All Account Limits & Settings

If You Win

The best tip that isn’t on this list is to celebrate if you have a win and exit the casino. It’s hard to know when enough is enough sometimes, so have an idea about what amounts you’re willing to spend, lose & win. When you’ve reached this amount just leave. Long casino sessions, greed and fatigue eventually lead to losses even if you have won something substantial.

If You Lose

You won’t always win something substantial, there are no guarantees. Many believe in beginners luck! Being superstitious can be rather ominous. Logic and counting the bets you place is the best method of keeping track and assessing if you wish to continue or close bets/withdraw your cash/wins.

Going home at the end of the night with less money is a typical night at the casino after all. Online casinos are quite the same, you can expect to lose more times than you win. Be prepared for this, try not to be a sore loser.

How To Optimize A Device

An optimized device simply means you have plenty of room on your device for graphics, video link if you bet live, it helps to prevent your device from burning the RAM. A full battery and room on the device is essential for any type of media (videos, music, games). It will help sustain the longevity of the devise and optimize game play.

You can do this by deleting temporary files, backing up photographs and freeing up space, clearing cache and data from apps and website history. Leave the cookies otherwise you might get signed out of online accounts.

Slot Games & Jackpots

Though slot games are quite attractive and have different payout percentages and volatilities, you will notice that some slots are paying out and some are not. This can be for many different reasons. The reasons could be the payout percentage of the slot, the coin size you’re playing, the popularity of the slot, the jackpot level, the random generator.

Keep an eye on the jackpot level, the last time the jackpot popped or how long until it pops. Some sites display this, others show a meter.

Don’t Get Too Greedy!

You can play low bets and still get a nice win. There’s no need to spend hundreds or thousands to win a jackpot. Many slots allow you to win a minor or medium jackpot playing with small coin sizes. eg 40p-£2.00. There’s no use in playing large bets that may not come in. (Play within means). 5-10% of what you have maximum.

Limiting Your Casino Session

Setting yourself a time is a really good idea. While those pop up reminders seem rather annoying, they are there for you to check your time. Do this before you log on and along with your win/loss limit, set your time limit. That way if you do get a session reminder, you are the one in control, YOU have written down when you want to STOP.

Online Casino Tips Summary

One majorly good thing about playing at online casinos & slots sites is that you have responsible gaming help, regulations and account limits in place. If you can’t find your settings (cool offs, deposit limits, reminders) speak to the cashier. It’s always advisable to speak to the cashier re your bonus when you join, confirm any free coin offers, red hot games, how to see your wagering requirement.

Another bonus about online casinos as opposed to real physical casinos is you have the opportunity to play smaller bets and learn about the slots games (pay table) and view the jackpot meters.

It’s always best to decide how long you are going to play for and set up a win/loss limit. Remind yourself it’s a bit of fun. Don’t play too seriously, take regular breaks, have refreshments, view the opt in promotions and new slot games. stick to low bets and logout after 10 mins to an hour or two. Look after your devices and your eye site etc.

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