What Time Of Day Do Slots Hit

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February 3, 2022

If you think you can predict the time of day the RNG Random Number Generator goes off, by all means, you can attempt to do so. But the casinos and software providers have measures in place, to keep cheats away. Online slots do seem to have typical times and days when they pay out. Not only does it depend on your region, but on the game, bet size, and time of the day.

What Time Of Day Do Casinos Payout?

There have been speculations that the jackpots can be triggered at lunchtime, as well as dinnertime, or early in the morning from mobile phones, and then generally minor jackpots can be popped a couple of times per hour. But in my experience of almost popping the jackpot, once it is full, it will give the opportunity several times in the hour. Then someone lucky person will pop the jackpot.

Jackpots need to be full in order to payout the main jackpots, such as Major, or Mega Jackpots. Smaller jackpots can be popped at any time. The gauge if there is one available, will be able to indicate this. Also, you might ask the VIP Casino Host. Ask for “Hot Games”

Some people decide to make notes or try to memorize the lines/reels, or card game results. This can be quite tiresome, and due to the security of the game, patterns will randomize, even with repeat sequences. So it’s not even worth doing. Nor is it particularly legal. Gamblers who memorize card games from real casinos for example will be banned. And they will not receive their casino balance or wins. There is a nudge button, and I think it is more of a distraction, than a useful tool.

“There’s no real way of knowing when a jackpot will pop, due to the RNG.”

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One thing is for sure: The more you try to cheat a casino, the faster you will lose your money.

  • Never Nudge On Bonus Symbols. It may seem as though you’re gaining money, but you can often lose, or miss a good line (payout), or even a jackpot.
  • Let The Bonus Game Play Out, Sometimes you’ll be tempted to help the bonus game along. Sometimes bonuses pay out well, sometimes they don’t.

If you have a win, you may want to screenshot your winnings, to make sure you’re paid, to remember the game you won on, and to make a note of the time/bet size. But even if you take notes, there is no guarantee that you can do the same again.

The main tips I have to offer are to play smaller-sized bets, not to nudge the results, and to change games and coin size, until you find one which is fortunate, and does pay out, then maybe switch to another game, and do the same. Take regular breaks and intervals, make a note of the games you win, and don’t rely on casino games as a source of income. Make time in your life for other activities, enjoy your wins, and enjoy life and loved ones. Because you can lose. Lastly, the more you try to cheat, the more you’ll end up losing, as the games are programmed to spot cheaters. Gambling is there for entertainment. While it may be possible to try and predict a winning time, you will never be able to win a mega jackpot doing so.

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