If you’re looking for the best casino affiliate programs, you will find a shortlist of the best casino affiliate partners below. While you play casino games, you have the opportunity to write reviews, share promotions, and offers, or simply banner ads on your website. And you will be able to earn generous commissions.

There are some things you will need to know that you can discuss with your affiliate manager. This includes the regions and regulations for each region. It is very important to stay up to date with casino promotions and make sure that any advertisements meet those requirements.

Quick Tips For Casino Affiliates (Rules Summary)

The standards for advertising casino products, are that you can not use terms such as “big win” as this is an encouraging term, “try/luck/lucky” as it will suggest that luck has something to do with winning, or “best bonus” which may not be fair to your other partners. You also need to avoid the suggestion of making profits or earnings from gambling. Strategies to beat casinos, and gambling strategies in general, are now prohibited in many regions. Tipster sites/odds/winning horses/teams are allowed. Games rules are also allowed. Country blocking is required with some partners.

You must display clearly on your website that gambling is for 18/21+ and not include any advertising or images/text pertaining to sex, alcohol, or that will attract minors to gambling sites. You must not encourage gambling or frivolous gambling. Nor suggest that you can beat/cheat casinos.

High-traffic websites, blogs with subscriptions, and large social network profiles can benefit the most profitably. If you do any type of advertising, on radio, TV, search engines, or social media advertising, or provide demo games you will need to hold a gambling license. And if you are an affiliate or marketer, in general, you may do so without a license, if the income is below what an average company earns. But when you start making money from being a casino affiliate, sooner or later, you will need to get a license.

You must not make any type of false claims, or knowingly promote offers that don’t exist.